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Greetings Siblings in Christ!

I was excited to get the news that you all voted to call me as your next pastor! As of writing this article, we are still working on when my start date will be but watch for that announcement to come soon. I do, however, want to take a moment to introduce myself. Some of you might have seen the video at the Special Congregational Meeting, and others might not have. Here you will find some info you might have heard before and some new.

I was born in Casper, Wyoming, spent a short time in Rapid City, South Dakota as a toddler, and then my family moved to Columbia, Missouri when I was just shy of my 4th birthday. So, my hometown is Columbia, MO (the home of the University of Missouri). Though none of my family attended Mizzou, I will always be a Mizzou fan, sorry to any Badger fans. Thankfully, I don’t think they ever play each other.

Soon after my family moved to Columbia, we started attending and became members at St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church (ELCA). It is the congregation where I grew up- it is where I attended Sunday school, received first communion, and went through Confirmation. It was only with getting a call and ordained that my church membership changed.

I went to Augustana College (now University) in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. You might wonder- how did I end up so far from my family? Well, my parents are both from South Dakota, and I have extended family in the area. So, it was away from home but not away from family. I received my Bachelor of Arts in English with an emphasis in Literature and a Minor in Psychology.

Crystal Lee 2021 photo.jpg

After college, I spent the next three years as the Director of Youth and Family Ministry at my home congregation. The first year was part-time, the second 3⁄4 time and then the final year was full time. It was only during that full-time year, that I listened to the Holy Spirit, who talked through many people in my life (pastors, grandparents, parents, brother, church members, and more) for many years, that I finally heard the call to go seminary and become a pastor. And less than a year later I started at United Lutheran Seminary (located in Pennsylvania) on the Gettysburg campus.

Now how did I end up in Wisconsin? As I filled out the paperwork for assignment (unofficially a draft system), I had no real reason to give preference to certain regions or synods, so I check marked the box “Anywhere,” and that is how I have ended up in the East- Central Synod of Wisconsin.

There is so much I can tell you about me, that would take a lot more space. So, I will leave you with some fun facts about me and the knowledge that you will learn more about me as we journey together.

Fun Facts about Pastor Crystal: I love to travel- I studied abroad in England for a semester in college; in seminary I was able to take a trip to the Holy Lands; I have been backpacking 7 times in Colorado and 1 time in Northern New Mexico at Philmont Scout Ranch. I have a cat, Henry, who is 7 years old. I love to read and am always looking for book suggestions. When I have time, and a reason, I enjoy baking. I have completed 1 half marathon and have another scheduled for early November.

I am excited to be joining you soon and look forward to meeting and getting to know you! Blessings,

Pastor Crystal

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