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Top 5 Responses from Question #1

What do you like about our City?

How would you describe the community?


  1. Location, location, location! Near GB, Sheboygan, Wis. Dells, Milwaukee, Appleton

  2. Lakeside Park, music, festivals

  3. Food pantries/Loaves and Fishes/ agencies to assist people in need

  4. Caring and welcoming, “small town feel” community, COOS is also caring and welcoming.

  5. Educational systems -higher education available in city -Available in Fond du Lac- Marian U, UW-FDL extension. Moraine Park Tech College, (UW-Oshkosh, Oshkosh, Wl)



Top 5 Responses from Question #2

 What are we doing as a congregation to share the good news of Jesus with our neighbors and those in need?


  1. Riverside/Food Pantry

  2. Providing a venue for Musical events (ie FDL Symphonic Band, Searl Pickett Concerts, etc), daycare and Boy Scouts 

  3. International relief (ie quilts, school supplies, money, layettes etc.)

  4. Events for children (ie Sunday School, Trunk or Treat, Confirmation, Vacation Bible School w/Immanuel Trinity, National Youth Gathering)...there is also a concern that other youth activities could be added for students….

  5. “All are welcome”, advertising to the community that all are welcome at our church for our activities and worship (ie Open table communion, weekly bible study and weekly book study, confirmation and younger Sunday School students are encouraged to bring friends to events and education hour).  




Top 5 Responses from Question #3

In what ways do you connect with God through worship? (Any praise or suggestions.)


  1. Songs/Music

  2. Prayer

  3. Liturgy

  4. Communion

  5. Connect by serving during the service (ie - serving at communion, reading, usher, assisting minister etc.)




Top 5 responses from Question #4

 What one(1) thing would you like to see improved in our congregation?


  1. One service on Sundays

  2. Attendance

  3. Involvement in Church (ie Volunteering)

  4. Younger people coming to church/more members  

  5. fundraising/budget concerns

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